The Fantastic Mercedes Benz Biome Price Finally Revealed

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Mercedes Benz Biome price makes most people shock. The price is very expensive. It seems impossible for people to buy it. Actually, you should know the detail of this Mercedes Benz Biome first to know the reason behind the high price.

Mercedes Benz Biome Price

Mercedes Benz Biome Price
Mercedes Benz Biome

Mercedes Benz Biome Price and Its Materials
For Mercedes Benz, Biome is an art and a laboratory car. It was firstly revealed at Los Angeles Auto Show. The design of this car is unique and different than the ordinary cars. Let say from the material, Mercedes Benz is using a special material known as Bio Fiber. The uniqueness is not only on its material but also on the fuel. This car is not running with ordinary fuel but specific fuel namely BioNectar4534. It seems that Mercedes Benz is trying to develop an experimental car which is considered as an environmentally friendly car. Let besides using specific material such as Bio Fiber and BioNectar4534, Mercedes is also using organic solar cells. It is a transparent material and the purpose of using this material is to control the temperature inside the car.

Mercedes Benz Biome Price Related to Its Technology
The high level of Mercedes Benz Biome price is strongly related to system used. Just like the materials, the system is also moving several steps than ordinary car. The biggest different is on its fuel tank. The fuel which is BioNectar4534 will be stored in Bio Fiber material. In short it is not stored on the tank but through the frame, interior, and the wheels of the car! Mercedes Benz Biome is also supported by oxygen to keep the performance and its power. The organic car materials are a great decision because Mercedes hopes that it can be easily dispose when it reaches the end of its life.

The Prediction of Mercedes Benz Biome Price
So what do you think about the Mercedes Benz Biome price? The exact price remains unclear. It seems that because the car is still on the development. So far, based on the materials stated above the price is around £1.500.000. It is really a fantastic price for a car, isn’t it? But it is also a reasonable price for a car like Mercedes Benz Biome. Because it is an experimental car it seems that Mercedes doesn’t want to publish it and probably it doesn’t publish. It is a common thing that some expert or Mercedes lovers said that Mercedes Benz Biome is only growing on the lab. On the other hand, it is possible that this car is driven on the road in the future when everything is ready. The most important thing, you know the reason why Mercedes Benz Biome price is fantastically higher than ordinary cars.

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